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"You should try out for the voice!"

I wish I had a dime for every time I have heard that. I have nothing against the show. It is great how positive they are with the contestants. However, I have a hard time with artistic competition. Most of all, I am doing day in and day out what they WANT to be doing. My band I are out there pounding the pavement entertaining, and performing my original songs. That is what it is all about for me. I just keep learning and growing, writing, improving my art and increasing my fan base. Creating songs and bringing them to life is incredibly rewarding for my soul. THIS is what I was meant to do, not a karaoke competition. Everyone else seems to have something in mind for me about "making it" or being "big", phrases like that, I don't think that way. It's not about fame, it's about doing the work and seeing where it will take you. I AM doing the hard work that comes with being a singer/songwriter/performer/band leader. Every show I give my all. This is what artists and musicians do. This is our love and our curse. I do this my way on my terms. This is a hard process and I don't want to skip to the front of the line - I would miss all the lessons along the way. We shall see...

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